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Hawaii Board of Nursing

nurseThe Hawaii State Board of Nursing is found within the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division, or the PVL, of the state of Hawaii. In a nutshell, the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division is an institution that is responsible for implementing the licensing regulations for no less than 48 different vocations and professions, including the nursing professions (nurse aides, practical nurses, registered nurses and so on).

Having said that, the Hawaii State Board of Nursing allows people to inquire about different licensing requirements, to inquire about the requirements related to licensee maintenance, and it also allows applicants to check on the status of their application. In addition to this, the Hawaii Board of Nursing also allows people to file a complaint on a nursing licensee, it provides Hawaii nursing licenses and it also lets you verify and see whether a person is licensed in the state of Hawaii.

How To Become LPN In Hawaii

If you want to become a licensed practical nurse in the state of Hawaii, then you should know that this state is fully committed to protecting the welfare and the health of the public, by making sure that every single active health care provider in the medical industry is licensed, skilled and trained, thus ensuring the professionalism and the competency of nursing professionals, as well as other health care workers. Statistically speaking, the BLS has shown an increase of no less than 16% in the vacant positions for LPNs in the state of Hawaii.

In addition to the basic skills and the physical strength required for working as a licensed practical nurse in the state of Hawaii, you must also complete an advanced nursing training program that has been reviewed and approved by the state of Hawaii. After you have completed it, you can take the state-required exam for all the licensed practical nurse across the United States of America: the NCLEX-PN examination.

The NCLEX exam is vital for those who want to receive their licensure, and in order to receive the Hawaii nursing licensure all applicants must submit proof of their social security number along with an official transcript provided by the accredited nursing school, transcript that must be sent directly to the Hawaii State Board of Nursing. In addition to the transcript, you must also submit an official letter that clearly states you have successfully completed the accredited nursing training program in Hawaii.

You can apply for a licensure in the state of Hawaii by endorsement, if you are licensed in any other state, although Hawaii is not a compact state. For that, you need to submit proof that you passes SBTPE or NCLEX, you must submit the official transcript provided by the state approved nursing program you have graduated from, the verification of licensure provided by your state of residence, a full course by course review if you are a foreign applicant, along with the proof of your social security number. As it happens with the licenses of LPNs in all US states, the Hawaii nursing licenses expire every two years: to be more precise, on the 30th of June, every odd numbered year.

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How To Become RN In Hawaii

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As mentioned earlier, Hawaii is not a compact state – but even so, those who want to become registered nurses in this state can get licensed in several different ways. That being said, future Hawaii registered nurses can easily and effortlessly pursue their nursing certification by examination or by endorsement, and the candidate must firstly enroll in a professional and state-approved or nationally-accredited nursing training program. At the time being, there are four accredited nursing programs in the state of Hawaii located in the largest city of the state, such as Honolulu, Hilo, Kahului as well as Lihue, in addition to the five BSN programs that nurses can enroll in.

After graduating from the two-year Associate’s Degree in the Science of Nursing, future registered nurses are required to complete the application process for the final examination and then to sit the NCLEX-Registered Nurse exam and pass it.

An approved candidate will be sent a bulletin which details the process of registering for the NCLEX-RN. There is a $200 fee for examination. The candidate will wait to receive the ATT (Authorization to Test), then schedule an exam. International or out of state registered nurses can apply for a licensure by endorsement in the state of Hawaii, provided that they offer a proof of license verification in another state and that they meet all the other eligibility requirements.

BSN Requirements In Hawaii

There are five different BSN programs in the state of Hawaii, and the, and it is important for students to meet all the eligibility requirements in order to be accepted. Having said that, students should meet with their academic advisors to make sure they are enrolled: while some courses meet only major requirements, others may meet both the General Education and the Major requirements. Having said that, it is important for students to complete the required pre-core courses, such as courses in physiology, human anatomy, psychology, cultural anthropology, biostatistics, human pathophysiology, developmental psychology and many others.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Hawaii licensed nurse compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nursing Schools In Hawaii

There are several accredited nursing schools in Hawaii for those who want to make the best of their careers as registered nurses or licensed practical nurses, such as the Hawaii Community College in Hilo, the Kapi’olani Community College in Honolulu, the Kaua’I Community College in Lihue or the University of Hawaii in Kahului.