Alaska Nursing License

The Alaska Board of Nursing

group of nursesThe Alaska Board of Nursing, or the ABN, is the institution that actively protects and promotes the health and welfare of the citizens of Alaska, by implementing an effective practice of nursing, exactly as it is defined by the law. It is the duty of the Alaska Board of Nursing to adopt regulations in order to carry out the laws that govern the practice the nursing discipline for nurses and nurse aides in Alaska, and it is also up to the Alaska Board of Nursing to take disciplinary actions against all nursing professionals who violate the licensing laws, and to provide them with the Alaska nursing license if they meet the eligibility requirements.

How To Become A LPN In Alaska

If you have decided to practice as a licensed practical nurse in Alaska, then it is important to understand that in order to do that legally, you must either apply for a permanent license that must be renewed every 24 months, or you must apply for a temporary permit that allows you to work as a nurse. In order to become a LPN in Alaska, you must firstly submit an application form, a recent passport-type photo and to pay the adjacent fee. In addition to this, all applicants must submit their completed fingerprint cards and they must provide the transcript and the nursing program degree verification from the accredited nursing school they have previously attended – all these documents must be sent directly to the Alaska Board of Nursing.

As it happens in any other US state, those who want to become LPNs in Alaska can do that either by endorsement or by examination. Most of the Alaskan LPNs pursue a lucrative career in the nursing industry by taking the NCLEX exam, and if they manage to pass them, they will become licensed and they will be able to work legally in the state. Nonetheless, those who want to pursue their licensure by endorsement must send the documents mentioned above, as well as a verification of the existing licensure from the state where the LPN currently holds his or her nursing license. In addition to all these legal documents, it is also very important for those who want to work as LPNs in Alaska to show that they have worked at least 320 hours in the nursing industry, over the past 24 months. The Alaska nursing licenses for LPNs are valid for a two-year period, and they expire in the month of September of even years.

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How To Become A RN In Alaska

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Those who want to work as registered nurses in the state of Alaska can follow the same steps as those who want to work as LPNs. That being said, you can get your license and become a RN in Alaska either by endorsement, if you already hold a registered nurse license in another US state, or by examination if this is the first time you apply for the license. As an endorsement applicant, you must firstly graduate from a fully accredited registered nurse training program, and you must also submit your proof of licensure from the other state.

However, if this is the first time you apply for a RN license, then you must be well-aware of all the Alaska nursing license requirements: you must submit an application that has been previously signed and notarized, you must pay the application fee and you must also submit the completed fingerprint card supplied by the Alaska Board of Nursing. Moreover, you must also have the school of nursing you have attended send the nursing program verification form, along with the official transcript and the graduation date and the type of degree that you were given. All documents must be in English – if not, they must come with a certified English translation.

If you have decided to become a registered nurse in Alaska by examination, then you must hold at least an Associate’s Degree in nursing, provided by a university or college that was accredited by the Alaska’s Board of Nursing.

Salary and Career Info

The interactive chart above is a visual representation of the annual salary of Alaska licensed nurse compared to the national annual salaries, all based on the latest May 2013 Occupational Employment Statistics figures released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

BSN Requirements In Alaska

If you have decided to make the best of your career as a nurse in Alaska and pursue the BSN designation in Nursing Science, then it is important to meet all the theoretical and practical requirements. Having said that, you must submit your certification of admission for BS Nursing Science along with the transcripts from the enrollment services, you must enroll in advising sessions with the nursing academic advisor and you must also have a minimum GPA average of 3.0. All BSN applicants must obtain a grade of C or higher in all the courses that are required for this particular nursing major, and they must also complete all the specific pre-requisite courses.

Nursing Schools In Alaska

The Anchorage School of Nursing from the University of Alaska is actually the only accredited nursing institution that offers a RN program. However, there are some other institutions, such as the University of Alaska in Fairbanks that offer LPN training program and Master’s programs, as well as the Alaska Vocational Technical Center in Seward and Anchorage.